World Teachers’ Day – Celebrating our teachers

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated the world over on 5th October to honour and appreciate teachers for their valuable contribution to societal growth and transformation.

This year’s UNESCO theme is, “Teaching in freedom, empowering teachers”. The Teacher and Appreciation and Support Programme (TASP) theme for this year, “O.R. Tambo Centenary Commemoration”, resonates with the international message, which is to commemorate the hard earned freedom, which we enjoy in our country and seek the same liberation in education to allow teachers to fully embrace their profession.

When we value our teachers and afford them the recognition and appreciation that they rightfully deserve, we elevate the status of the teaching profession. This should be an enduring endeavour, in line with the TASP objective, to honour teachers throughout the year.

The work of the Council seeks to ensure the wellbeing of teachers and in turn improve the quality of education in public schools.

We salute all teachers across the world and particularly in our country, we can all claim our rightful place in society as revolutionists, innovators and decision makers, because of the knowledge that our teachers instilled in us.

Issued by the General Secretary on behalf of the Executive Committee of the ELRC.

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