Meeting Date:
Friday, November 9, 2018
Meeting Documents:
Item 3 Agenda EXCO 9 November 2018.pdfItem 4.1 Minutes of the Exco Meeting - 13 August 2018.pdfItem 4.2 Special EXCO Minutes 29 August 2018.pdfItem 6.1 LexisNexis - To The Education Labour Relations Council.pdfItem 6.1 Proposal - LexisNexis.pdfItem 7.1.1.b. HR Sub Committee Report to EXCO 09 November 18.pdfItem 7.1.1 c ELRC 2nd Quarter Report 201819.pdfItem 7.1.1d AUDIT COMMITTEE REPORT 2nd Quarter (1).pdfItem 7.2.1 Changes made to Annual Performance Plan 2018.pdfItem 7.2.1 Copy of Consolidated Budget 2018-19 Mid-Year Adjustment.xlsxItem 7.2.1 ELRC Annual Performance Plan 2018-19 Master Mid Review - 021118.pdfItem 7.2.1 Notes for the Mid Term Budget Review FY2018-19 NS05112018_EXCO.pdfItem 7.2.2 Disposal of Assets.pdfItem 7.2.3 Copy of Procurement Plan 201819 (Review) 05112018cm.xlsxItem HR - Code of Conduct Ethics 2018.pdfItem HR - Grievance Policy and Procedre August 2018.pdfItem HR - Leave Management Policy 2018.pdfItem HR - Recruitment Selection Policy 2018.pdfItem HR - Training and Development Policy 2018.pdfItem HR Disciplinary Policy & Procedure.pdfItem Occupational health and Safety.pdfItem Revised HR Conditions of Service August 18.pdfItem Revised Performance Management Policy 2018.pdfItem SUMMARY OF THE AMENDED HR POLICIES.pdfItem ICT System security policy and Procedue manual- Reviewed 18-10-18.pdfItem Summary of the Amended ICT Policy.pdfItem SCM - Contract Managemet Policy (Review) Draft2.pdfItem SCM - Supply Chain Management Policy (R) 01102018cm.pdfItem Summary of Amendments to the Contract Management Policy.pdfItem Summary of Amendments to the SCM Policy.pdfItem Changes made to EXECUTIVE Policies.pdfItem Combined Assurance Framework V02.pdfItem Compliance Management Policy and Procedure V2.pdfItem Performance Information Management V2 - 06112018.pdfItem CHANGES TO FINANCE POLICIES_NS01112018.pdfItem Finance Administration Policy FINAL 11NOV2017 Revised 01Nov 2018.pdfItem S and T Policy FINAL_ Revised 01 Nov 2018.pdfItem 7.2.5 AC Member Report.pdf
Meeting Type:
261 West Avenue
8h00 to 16h30 - Monday to Friday
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