Meeting Date:
Tuesday, 02 August 2022
Meeting Documents:
Item 3 Agenda EXCO - 02 August 2022.pdfItem 4.1 Minutes of the EXCO Meeting - 06 May 2022 - edit.pdfItem 4.2 Minutes of Special EXCO Meeting - 30 May 2022 - edit.pdfItem 5.1.2 Submission to EXCO - Request to increase subsistence allowance.pdfItem 6.1 Letter to ELRC- Strengthening the role of women negotiators.pdfItem 6.1 Proposal PSCBC Woman Empowerment Project.pdfItem 6.2 LETTER TO THE GS OF THE ELRC ON COLLABORATION.pdfItem 7.1.1(a) ELRC 1st Quarter Report 2022-23.pdfItem 7.1.1(b) REPORT OF THE FINANCE SUB COMMITTEE Q1 FY2022-23.pdfItem 7.1.1(c) HR Sub Committee Report to EXCO 2 August 22.pdfItem 7.1.1(d) ARC 1st Quarter Report 2022-23.pdfItem 7.2.1 Executive Committee Charter.pdfItem 7.2.2 Interviewing Panel Report to EXCO DMS Manager.pdfItem 7.2.2 Interviewing Panel Report to EXCO Provincial Manager Eastern Cape.pdfItem 7.2.2 Interviewing Panel Report to EXCO Provincial Manager Northern Cape.pdfItem 7.2.2 Submission to EXCO - Approval of Vacancies June 2022.pdfItem 7.2.3 Probation Report - Thato Moyaba1.pdfItem 7.2.3 Probation Report Thato Moyaba.pdfItem 7.2.4 Memo to EXCO - Filling of post Internal Audit Manager.pdfItem 7.2.5 Submission For Renewal of SLA IOS -March 2022 Final (004) Final.pdfItem 7.2.6 Changes effected on Regulatory Documentation.pdfItem Business Continuity Management Policy.pdfItem Delegation of Authority Policy.pdfItem Finance Administration Policy NS18072022 Reviewed.pdfItem Petty Cash Management Policy Draft NS18072022 Reviewed.pdfItem Credit Card Policy NS18072022 reviewed.pdfItem Fixed Asset Management Policy - ELRC ( 2022) CFO (Final) 20072022.pdfItem ELRC Social Media Policy.pdf
Meeting Type:
261 West Avenue
8h00 to 16h30 - Monday to Friday
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