ELRC heralds an era of revolutionised dispute management services

The ELRC is making its mark as the first bargaining council in the public sector in South Africa to introduce a digitised dispute referral system, specifically designed for teachers in the public education sector.

In fulfilling its mandate to maintain labour peace in the public education sector, the Council has streamlined the process of referring disputes, eliminating the manual process to ensure efficiency and ensuring that disputes are resolved in the shortest space of time.

The web application system allows members to register on the ELRC website and complete a dispute referral form that authenticates identity and PERSAL numbers. The system also aids teachers who do not have access to email to create a gmail account. The system is simplified and allows for linear process flow. The user is directed every step of the application process and signs the digital form upon completion, completely eliminating the paper-based system.

The dispute application and resolution process is accelerated as notifications are automatically sent out to the relevant parties in real time. Parties are also reminded of the sitting closer to the time.

The ELRC DMS application is an end-to-end system that will define the Council’s dispute management processes for the next decade, fully embracing the 4th industrial revolution.

The Council is cognisant of the fact that there might be educators who will have challenges with access, a special arrangement will be made for them.

The Council has set the standard for dispute resolution in the public sector. The DMS application will be live on 15th August 2019.

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