World Teachers' Day - Celebrating our teachers

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated the world over on 5th October to honour and appreciate teachers for their valuable contribution to society.

This year’s UNESCO theme is, “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future”. With the COVID-19 pandemic, radical interventions were required in 2020 to ensure that learning and teaching continued amidst the challenging times that the world is still confronted with. Our teachers were the true frontline warriors in education who made certain that the academic year was saved.

Teachers had to embrace the tools of technology to ensure that learning continued and that children received messages of encouragement to keep them motivated, particularly learners in the foundation phase who struggled to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

We celebrate and salute all teachers today, may you remember on this day and every day throughout the year that you are valued and that your contribution to society transcends the classroom.

Success is inseparable from the role of the teacher, as the future of our country rests in the hands of educated minds.

To our teachers, your endless toil to ensure a brighter future for our children is not in vain. We honour you and admire your tenacity to remain true to your calling, despite the many challenges that teachers face on a daily basis.

The work of the Council seeks to ensure the wellbeing of teachers and in turn improve the quality of education in public schools. We therefore remain passionate about celebrating teachers and their contribution to society.
Issued by the General Secretary on behalf of the Executive Committee of the ELRC.

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